ALARMING! Study shows Android collecting 20% more data than iOS

In recent times when the entire globe can be accessed through internet on our fingerprints, the privacy of users has become a vast topic of discussion. It’s a well known fact that almost all the tech companies and websites collects user data in the name of improving their services but have you ever wondered how much data do tech giants like Android and iOS collect and is it really the high time to put our focus on this issue?

Well, it might be shocking for you but a recent study by Douglas Leith, a researcher at the Trinity College in Ireland, claims that Google’s Android is collecting over 20% more data than Apple’s iOS, that too on such a rapid note you can’t even imagine. In his research, Douglas Leith stated that both the operating systems begins collecting and sending data to their respective back-end servers as soon as the user turns on their device.

As per the media reports, Douglas Leith used a iPhone 8 running on iOS 13.6.1 and a Google Pixel 2 running on Android 10 in his research to check how much user data does iOS and Android collect and send to their parent companies Apple and Google. After doing a detailed research on both the devices, he found out that Android is collecting and sending almost 20 times more data to Google than iOS forwarding to Apple. The data collection is a work that both the operating systems performs continuously and it happens even when the user is not logged in to the device or performs simple actions such as putting a SIM card or access the device setting screen.

The big revelation is that it’s not just the operating systems i.e. Android and iOS that collects data from the devices but there are some pre-installed and system applications as well that forwards data to the back-end servers. In his report, Douglas Leith has added that Android apps like Google Messenger, Google Docs, Google Search Bar, Safety Hub etc and iOS apps such as iCloud, Safari and Siri send data to their company servers automatically and constantly. Douglas discovered that while Android send around 1 MB of data to their back-end servers every 12 hours, iOS send around just 52 KB of data in the same time period.

However, in a response to the outrage that occurred due to this study, Google has trashed the research of Douglas Leith and stated that he used faulty methods to conduct this test. What are your views on this research by Douglas Leith and what do you think of user privacy in 2021? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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